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Statistics: Overview

Timely and reliable statistical information enables informed decision making. At the CARICOM Secretariat, the Regional Statistics Programme compiles and disseminates data   for and from the CARICOM Member States and Associate Members. This is done via a number of regional statistical databases and online data dissemination.

The Regional Statistics Programme also undertakes as a core function, statistical capacity building to foster an enabling environment for statistical development among Member States.

In 2015, the substantial  work in regional statistics will focus on providing statistical information to accelerate implementation and use of the CARICOM Single Market and Economy. Major activities include facilitate regulatory and institutional and administrative reforms in the Member States to enable w enable wage-earners, the self-employed, companies and consumers to freely enter and participate in markets related to the five core regimes.


Major Activities

Major  activities  and outputs  for 2015 include:

  • Technical assistance, training and equipment and supplies to strengthen capacity and improve capabilities of governmental bodies in the Member States to operate the CSME.
  • Training/technical assistance on the analysis/dissemination of data from the 2010 Round of Population and Housing censuses delivered/supported in at least two countries
  • Statistical Monitoring Framework initiated with regards to the movement of persons and companies as part of a wider monitoring framework of the CSM;
  • Statistical Business Register Manual revised/disseminated Statistical Business Register manual ; Revised SBR Manual filed; Emails disseminated with SBR manual attachment
  •  Statistical Business Register Manual revised and disseminated
  • In-country Technical Assistance executed to strengthen source data to enable the production of key Minimum Required Data Set (MRDS) tables
  • Agriculture Statistics Technical assistance/training to support the development Agriculture Statistics [Project by Agricultural Programme of the Secretariat] supported
  • Tourism Statistics /Tourism Satellite Account Technical Assistance/training directly/indirectly provided to Tourism Statistics/TSA [under National Accounts training on data sources, under Trade in Services Statistics as well as Macroeconomic Indicators and Environment Statistics]
  • Creative Industries Creative Industries focus on production and trade in services monitored and supported [under National Accounts (marginal) as it relates to the improvement in data sources and Trade in Services Statistics]
  • Merchandise Trade Training Technical assistance delivered to improve trade data production, dissemination and analysis in Member States and at the Secretariat;
  • Trade in Services Statistics In-country technical assistance provided to enhance the production of details/profile of TIS

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