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Sports Development

Sports Development: Overview

The Sport and Development Sub Programme operates under the umbrella of the Human Resource Development Programme. The general goal of the Programme is to develop sport for the advancement of health, economic development and regional integration. The Programme also seeks to promote sporting excellence, while fostering personal, social and cultural development through sport. In this regard, working with Governments, International Organizations, Regional Sports Organizations and other stakeholders is a key feature of the Sport Programme in its bid to reposition sport as an essential element in the development of the Caribbean Community.

The Sport and Development Programme activities are fashioned in keeping with the established Vision Statement for the Caribbean Community, and in particular, the established Thematic Priority of Sustainable Growth and Development. In this regard, key outcomes are identified and pursued in support of the established Thematic Priorities.

These outcomes are:

Greater awareness and practice of incorporating Sport as a factor for growth and development of the Community;

Improved systems and frameworks for the delivery / promotion of Sport and the management of sports organizations and elite athletes in Member States;

Strengthened partnerships and collaboration with Regional and International organizations and institutions for the advancement of Sport in the Community.


The Value of Sport for Community Development

Over the years, sport has transcended the boundaries of a mere pastime to become an important contributor to the economies of many societies across the globe. Economic issues aside, the Sport and Development Sub Programme is seized of the immense value of sport in addressing social development priorities in the Region. Persistent advocacy for recognition and inclusion of sport on the agenda for regional development is therefore a key thrust of the Sport Programme.   Critical areas for consideration include:

Sport for Development

The use of sport as a development tool to promote positive ideals in individuals especially as it relates to conflict resolution, inculcation of healthy lifestyles, positive use of leisure time, development of tolerance,  and the promotion of peace.

Sports Tourism

The generation of income and the development of jobs through the promotion of sports–based tourism.

Sport Development

The development of sport infrastructure and facilities and the human resources to support the efficient use, maintenance and activities related to such structures.

The achievement of many of the objectives of the Sport and Development Sub Programme is to be realized through the creation of a common platform for the sharing of information, best practices and the advancement strategies for the development of sport across the Region.

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