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Web-based Tools For Gender And Development




BRIDGE is a research and information programme located within IDS Knowledge Services. BRIDGE acts as a catalyst by facilitating the generation and exchange of relevant, accessible and diverse gender information in print, online and through other innovative forms of communication.  This supports the needs of policymakers, practitioners, advocates and researchers in bridging the gaps between gender theory, policy and practice toward gender equality.



Social justice, aid effectiveness, care, CEDAW, climate change, conflict, education, empowerment, families and households, and gender mainstreaming, gender-based violence, governance, health, HIV and AIDS, ICT’s migration, poverty, sexuality

Caribbean Institute for Women in Leadership (CIWiL) is a flagship networking Institute, producing high quality research, documentation, analysis, training and advocacy to advance women’s transformational leadership and increase the number of women in politics, leadership and decision-making at all levels in the Caribbean.


  • Transformational Leadership
  • Transformational Leaders

CIM - Inter-American Commission of Women was established in 1928 and is the only hemispheric policy forum on women’s rights and gender equality and the Americas. It is comprised of 34 delegates, one from each of the Member States of the Organization of American States (OAS).


  • Human rights
  • Democracy
  • Development
  • Security

Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) is the principal global intergovernmental body exclusively dedicated to the promotion of gender equality.


  • CSW upcoming session
  • Previous sessions
  • BPfA
  • MDG’s
  • News

Department of Foreign Affairs Trade and Development, Government of Canada provides resources on gender analysis and gender mainstreaming and provides links to other resources


  • Gender analysis
  • Gender mainstreaming
  • Gender and development

GATI, Gender and Trade Initiative is a web based resource platform interlinking research, advocacy and action across the commonwealth countries with the objective of facilitating and promoting gender sensitive trade policies at the national, regional and multilateral levels.


Gender diversity, trade, education, communication, culture

Gender Equality Observatory for Latin America and the Caribbean was established following the tenth session of the Regional Conference on Women in Latin America and the Caribbean, held in Quito, Ecuador (2007). The member States of ECLAC requested the creation of a gender equality observatory. (Quito Consensus).
Women’s autonomy is fundamental in ensuring women can exercise human rights under conditions of full equality. The three pillars for building greater gender equality in the region are: control over their bodies (physical autonomy), income generation and ownership of their personal financial resources (economic autonomy), and full participation in decisions that affect their lives, individually and as a group (decision-making autonomy).

http://www.eclac.cl/oig/default.asp?idioma=IN .

  • Physical autonomy
  • Economic autonomy
  • Autonomy in decision-making

OECD Gender Data Portal includes selected indicators of gender inequalities in education, employment and entrepreneurship for 40 countries including OECD member countries, as well as Russia, Brazil, China, India, Indonesia and South America


  • Education
  • Employment
  • Entrepreneurship

The World Bank Group Gender Data Portal is a one-stop shop for gender information catering to a wide range of users and providing data from a variety of sources.


  • Regional & country trends on gender
  • Data sets from UN
  • Progress on MDGs

UN Women Multi-country Office Caribbean supports the CARICOM Member States, Dutch Caribbean Islands and British Overseas Territories. The website offers a range of resources, publications and news and events.


  • Women’s empowerment &gender equality
  • Ending violence against women
  • Economic security & rights
  • Gender equality in democratic governance

WikiGender is an interactive website that offers a range of resources including articles on various topics, a community portal, news, statistics and links to other websites.


Economy, finance, statistics, violence against women, youth governance & civic engagement, health, human well-being, education, employment, migration,
peace and security, social norms