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The CSM regulatory and administrative systems and procedures

Posted in: Projects | 16 January 2013



    The  Member  States  of the  Caribbean   Community   (CARICOM)   have  responded  to the economic    challenges    of   globalisation     and   trade    liberalisation    by   deepening    the integration  process  through  the  creation  of the  CARICOM   Single  Market  and  Economy (CSME).

    In January  and  June  of 2006,  the  twelve  beneficiary  Member  States  advised  that  they had completed  the  required  steps to comply  with the  requirement  of the  Revised  Treaty of Chaguaramas,   establishing  the CSME  (Revised  Treaty),  which was signed  in 2001.

    Although,  in addition  to the 12 beneficiary  Member  States,  Haiti is a party to the Revised Treaty,  there  is a separate  project  seeking  to ensure  that  Haiti  is able to implement  its obligations.


    The  Revised  Treaty  establishes  the  [egal basis for the  CSME  as defined  in Article  1 of the Treaty.  The  article  provides  that  the  CSME  means,  "the regimes  established   by the provision  of this  Revised  Treaty,  replacing  Chapters  Three  through  Seven  of the Annex to the  Treaty  establishing   the  Caribbean   Community   and  Common   Market,  signed  at Chaguaramas   on 4th July 1973."


    One  objective,  in accordance   with  Paragraph  2(a) of Article  78  is the  "full  integration of the national markets of Member States of the Community into a single,  unified and open market area". Other provisions related to the regulatory/administrative practices, procedures and processes that have a direct bearing on the effectiveness of operation  of the five core regimes  are included  in Articles  34 (b), 35, 37 (3)(b), 44 (1)(b), 78 (2), 133 (5), 116 (8), 170 and Article  76 Role of Public Authorities.


    Six  years  after  its  inception   in 2006  the  CSME  continues   to  be  a  work  in progress. Extensive  actions  have been taken  by participating  Member  States  to establish  the legal and   institutional    arrangements    for   a  functioning    Single   Market   (CSM).   It  is  also envisaged   that  the  market   arrangements   would   be  supported   with  some  degree   of harmonisation   of economic  and social  policies  agreed  by Member  States.

    The   benefits    from   the   establishment     and   operation    of   the   CSM   expected    by stakeholders    will   not   materialize    unless   there   is  full   implementation    and  effective operation  of the  CSM. The  Revised  Treaty  provides  CARICOM   nationals  are entitled  to establish  businesses;   provide  services;  and move  capital  in accordance  with the specific provisions   applying   to those  areas.  In addition,    Skilled    "CARICOM    nationals"     have the right to travel,  live and work  in a CSME  Member  State of their choice.


    Integration   of this  nature  requires  implementation   of  new  and/or   extensive    reform   of existing    legislation,     regulations,     and  associated     procedural     and  administrative arrangements      to  operate    the  CSM.   The  reforms   must  then  be  integrated   into  the various  institutional   and  public  sector  entities.  In addition,  appropriate   systems  need to be established,   and  education   and  advocacy   needs   to  be  undertaken,   to ensure  that stakeholders   have  access  to  and  participate   in the  various   markets.  The  reforms  are intended  to achieve  this improved  access.


    Under   the   provisions    of  Article   23  and  24  of  the   Revised   Treaty,   the   CARl COM Secretariat,   using  the  authority  vested  therein   undertook   a number  of  interventions   in Member  States  in order to determine   precisely  what  additional  measures  are required  to further   implementation    of the  CSME.  One  of its  interventions   is the  CARICOM   Trade and  Competitiveness  Project (CTCP)  which   is funded   by  the  Canadian   International Development   Agency  (CIDA)  under the terms  of a Contribution  Arrangement   which  was


    signed  in 2008 between  the CARICOM  Secretariat  and the Government   of Canada.  The Secretariat  is  expected  to  apply  the  resources   to  assist  Member   States  to  complete implementation   of the arrangement  for the effective  operation  of the CSM.


    More  recently  the  Organisation   of  Eastern  Caribbean   States   established   the  OECS Union which  has interlocking  arrangements  with the CSM.


    The CARICOM   Secretariat  is discharging  the following  mandate  from the Conference  of Heads of Government:


    Thirteenth  Inter- Sessional  Meeting


    This  Meeting  recalled  the  agreement   reached  with  regard  to the  Programmes   for  the removal  of  restrictions.   This   agreement   which specified that with regards to the identified restrictions and their corresponding timeframes   ....  "the short term be up to 31

    December 2003, medium term be up to 31 December 2004 and the long term be up to


    31 December 2005 but that, in principle and within that time-frame, each Member State endeavour to remove each restriction in the shortest possible time;


    Twenty-First Inter-Sessional Meeting


    The Twenty-First Inter-Sessional Meeting, agreed that Member States would  indicate to the Secretariat the dates by which they anticipate implementing the outstanding measures; and an outer limit on the timeline for the implementation of all outstanding measures should be established  after  Member States have submitted their national projected implementation dates for each of the respective outstanding measures;


    The Retreat of the Conference of Heads of Government of the Caribbean Community


    The Retreat was convened on the 21-22 May 2011 in Guyana.   Heads of Government agreed to consolidate the CARICOM Single Market before taking any further action on certain specific elements such as movement towards a single currency.

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