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Energy and Climate Partnership of the Americas (ECPA)

Posted in: Projects | 09 September 2013

    In 2009, at the Summit of Americas held in Port of Spain Trinidad, the Energy and Climate Change Partnership of the Americas (ECPA) Initiative was announced by President Obama. This initiative will support sustainable energy development and clean energy matters such as to reduce fossil fuel consumption and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. http://www.ecpamericas.org/About-ECPA.aspx ECPA is to serve as a mechanism for countries in the Western Hemisphere to share best practices and learn from their partners on issues concerning energy efficiency, renewable energy, cleaner fossil fuels, infrastructure and integration, and alleviating energy poverty.   Also ECPA is a Flexible framework (projects can be bilateral, multilateral, regional) and provided for broad participation (governments, industry, non-governmental organizations, Inter-American organizations).  The organization of American (OAS) Secretariat would provide coordinating role and clearinghouse for ECPA Initiatives.

    Secretary Clinton announce six initiatives under ECPA during the First Hemispherical Energy Ministerial Meeting in April 2010 viz, The  United States would provide: 
    1.    provide a grant to the Organization of American States to lend technical and legal expertise to any Caribbean country seeking to help get clean energy projects off the ground
    2.    support energy and environmental security in Central America.
    3.    work to advance sustainable biomass energy.
    4.    work through the Peace Corps to advance renewable energy efforts. More than 2,000 Peace Corps volunteers serve in this hemisphere. Many of them will be trained in RE &EE and will share their training with communities and help implement those practices.
    5.    Provide three of our top scientists to serve as ECPA fellows, and they wouldl be available as consultants and advisors or educators, viz:
    •    Dr. Daniel Kammen, a professor of energy at the University of California at Berkeley,
    •    Dr. Ruth DeFries, a professor of sustainable development at Columbia University
    •    Dr. Gerry Galloway, an engineering professor at the University of Maryland, whose focus is on the management of water resources and the impact of climate change on water systems.
    6.    Promote the use of shale gas.

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