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CSME Information Flows Project

Posted in: Projects | 29 May 2015

    Project Mission

    As negative stories and perceptions of the CARICOM Single Market abound, we are challenged to energize our people around the vision of a single market and to foster ownership of the mission to root and establish the CSME. How do we promote rights and opportunities to work, travel and do business across 13 Members States?; more importantly, how do we encourage CARICOM nationals to stand in the vanguard when those rights are threatened? How do we help them to understand they are the engine of CARICOM, and it is they who must steer the fledgling movement to its triumphant potential? Governments, civil society and educators join hands in this five month project to get the ‘nuts and bolts’ information on the CSME into the hands of the people.

    Official title of Project: Consultancy to deliver Work Plan for Improving Information Flows within the CARICOM Single Market for Belize, Dominica, Grenada, St Vincent and the Grenadines, Jamaica and Guyana

    Time Frame: Five Months (October 17th, 2014 to March 31st, 2015)

    Description: CARICOM nationals require relateable, consistent and well packaged information on the Single Market to enable them to know where to go and what do do to access the right to live, work, travel and do business across 13 Caribbean states without restriction. This project, designed by CARICOM’s CSME Unit  will build the capacity of six CARICOM countries to communicate the benefits and access points of the CARICOM Single Market using communication tools and channels that will resound with the people of the Caribbean Community.

    Four Results: Four results are projected for the end of implementation period:

    1. Technical Assistance: to deliver communication strategies, CSME education sessions in workplaces, press releases and content for csmeonline.org

    2. Spokespersons Training: Model training module and training sessions for persons who will take the message of the Single Market to peers and fellow nationals

    3. Media Training: Training sessions for Media personnel to sharpen their reporting and coverage of CARICOM Single Market issues

    4. CSME in Schools Teacher Training sessions: Training for teachers with a view to infusing CSME education within school lessons and or curricula

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    Project Details

    Status: Ongoing
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