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Caribbean Sustainable Energy Roadmap and Strategy (C-SERMS)

Posted in: Projects | 09 September 2013

    Currently, one of the key objectives being pursued by the CARICOM Energy Programme  is the development the Caribbean Sustainable Energy Roadmap and Strategy (C-SERMS).  

    What is C-SERMS
    C-SERMS is being developed as regional level sustainable energy planning, management and implementation framework is aimed at radically changing the approach to sustainable energy development in CARICOM by facilitating the region to establish targets over short, medium and long term horizons and to develop strategies to achieve these targets based on national plans as well as collective approaches while ensuring dynamic participation of all Member States and stakeholders.  

    The mandate to develop C-SERMS was given at the Conference of Heads of Government held in 2009 coupled with a mandate from the COSHOD given in 2010.

    Overall, C-SERMS seeks to address the piece-meal and stop-start approach approach to sustainable energy development, which has been taken in the Region over the last 4 decades, by providing an evidenced based, targeted, strategic and engaging approach.  All sectors and actors which interface with energy sector will be engaged in the process of development and operation of C-SERMS through the C-SERMS Platform to be established as part of the development of C-SERMS.

    Support for C-SERMS:  The development and implementation of C-SERMS is being done in phases.  In 2010 the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) provided grant financing in amount US$400,000 to inter-alia support the development of the first Phase of C-SERMS.   The final report for C-SERMS Phase I is due by end of June 2013.  Initail output from this study in the form of Regional Targets for renewable energy generation over short, Medium and long terms were approved by CARICOM Energy Ministers.  The GIZ has indicate some support for the development of C-SERMS Phase II, under a new GIZ Project being developed for the CARICOM Region.  Howver, given th ebroad scope and scale of the implementation the CARICOM Secretariat will seek to work with multi-lateral instutions and other international Development Partners for the full implementation of C-SERMS.

    For further Information on C-SERMS contact Energy Unit of CARICOM Secretariat, attention  Mr Joseph Williams: energy@caricom.org" data-mce-href="mailto: energy@caricom.org"> energy@caricom.org

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