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13 Jun 2019

Vacancy for the postion of Communications Officer with the Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmBH (GIZ)

Closing Date: Tue, 25 Jun 2019

SEE PDF application at the end of document


Salary band 4 – Professional 4A
Communication Officer – 4A Employer:
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH (GIZ) under the “Technical Assistance Programme for Sustainable Energy in the Caribbean (TAPSEC)”
Barbados Office at the Caribbean Development Bank, P.O. Box 408, Wildey, St. Michael, Barbados, W.I. BB11000 Reports to:
Head of the TAPSEC Programme (AV) Deputy:

-- Date Posted:
ASAP Job Type and Duration:
Full-Time Employment Contract from 01 August 2019 – 31 July 2020, with a renewal option until 30 September 2021 Job Location:

Guyana Salary level:
The salary level will be based on qualifications and experience in line with the salary levels in the CARICOM Secretariat. Interested should submit CV and Cover Letter in PDF form up to 25.06.2018 to the following address:
HRCaribbean@giz.de , please use the concept
“Communication Officer” Notes:

We will only contact applicants who are being considered. Thank you for your understanding.
A. Responsibilities

The Communication Officer is responsible for
▪ implementing a detailed communication and visibility strategy and plan for the TAPSEC programme;
▪ a broad visibility of the TAPSEC Programme, its activities and impacts/achievements in the CARIFORUM region;
▪ the preparation and publishing of print media (brochures, fact sheets, flyer, articles, PowerPoint presentations, etc.);
▪ implementing Corporate Design guidelines form the EU, GIZ as well as other relevant institutions in all publications and other media;
▪ awareness raising activities on sustainable energy matters in all CARIFORUM countries;
▪ the content and design of the TAPSEC webpage and other relevant social medias (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.);
▪ implementing standards and guidelines for GIZ communication work described in the “Recommendations for communication by GIZ Offices’;
▪ reporting within the TAPSEC team on internal and external communication measures and participating in meetings of officers responsible for the contract and cooperation;
▪ cooperating with GIZ’s Corporate Communications Unit, managing the exchange of information on communication (among other things by contributing themes, trends, risks, research on information and by involving officers responsible for the contract and cooperation, e.g. for media enquiries from Germany, planning and implementing journalist tours, supplying texts for internal media);
▪ managing the exchange of information between the TAPSEC Programme and the regional GIZ office;
▪ assuring the quality of articles (e.g. publications, press conferences, the internet etc.)
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▪ coordinating cooperation with external communication service providers (e.g.
appraisers, agencies, photographers, trainers, copywriters);
▪ creating and assuring the quality of pools of appraisers, service providers (text,
printers, graphic designers, proof-readers, lithography etc.); and
▪ coordinating and possibly implementing communication work (including planning
communication budget – quantity, formal and material quality, impact).
The Communication Officer performs the following tasks:
B. Tasks
1. Regional media work
The Communication Officer
▪ coordinates media activities in CARIFORUM countries, incl. coordination with the
European Union;
▪ assists the preparation and implementation of national and regional trainings,
workshops and conferences on renewable energies and energy efficiency,
particularly in terms of corporate design and language;
▪ establishes and maintains contact with regional/national media;
▪ writes and sends out press releases;
▪ compiles information materials for the media (basic material and for specific
occasions) and distributes these systematically in line with the target group’s needs;
▪ contracts and coordinates regional and international consultants, incl. development of
Terms of References, procurement of services following GIZ guidelines, to produce
relevant media materials (films, booklets, brochure designs, etc.); and
▪ monitors the media (documentation and analysis of media reports on the TAPSEC
2. Regional PR work
The Communication Officer
▪ (further) develops suitable communication instruments for PR (e.g. brochures, fact
sheets, advertising material, PowerPoint presentations on GIZ based on the
corporate presentation, newsletters, information sheets);
▪ manages the necessary coordination processes and the production of publications
and materials in accordance with GIZ standards (corporate design, standards for
▪ Supports the CARICOM Energy unit in regional PR and communications; and
▪ provides editorial support to the GIZ office’s website, coordinates and advises on the
online and social media presentations of projects and programmes.
3. Internal communications in the country
The Communication Officer
▪ passes on information and supports dialogue between employees in programme, the
regional GIZ office and various groups of employees (CIM experts, seconded experts,
national and international personnel);
▪ develops and supports appropriate communication instruments (e.g. emails, internal
newsletters, internal events);
▪ consults with the Corporate Communications Unit on articles for the GIZ staff
newsletter ‘intern’ and GIZ News on the intranet, and provides editorial input on
practical examples and other texts for GIZ media; and
▪ advises local staff on the regulations and contacts for PR in the interests of a uniform
GIZ image.
4. Other duties/additional tasks
The Communication Officer
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▪ performs other duties and tasks at the request of management;
▪ supports activities such as, report writing, project documentation, public relations work, project monitoring;
▪ liaising with relevant regional policy authorities, governments, sector ministries and relevant international organizations; and
▪ assist the preparation of capacity building measures.
C. Required qualifications, competences and experience
The Communication Officer must comply with the following requirements:
• Candidates must be a national of one of CARICOM member countries, and
• Candidates must be in possession of a work permit for Guyana.
▪ Master’s Degree in Communications / PR or a related discipline to the relevant subject area.
Professional experience
▪ at least 7 years’ professional experience in the field of communication (media and PR work, journalism, internal communication or lobbying or similar)
▪ first experiences in renewable energies and energy efficiency matters are an advantage
▪ experiences in public relation / communication for a multilateral funding agencies or international development agencies;
Other knowledge, additional competences
▪ experiences in using social media and other online media for the presentation of the TAPSEC programme, CCREEE as well as related sustainable energy matters;
▪ Fluent in English Language (writing and speaking), ability to communicate in Spanish Language is an advantage;
▪ ability to express oneself well both verbally and in writing; polished, target-group oriented style;
▪ experience with media production;
▪ experience in project and/or event management;
▪ editorial experience, experience in writing articles and press releases (evidenced e.g. by work samples);
▪ very good working knowledge of ITC technologies (related software, phone, fax, email, the internet) and computer applications (e.g. MS Office); and
▪ willingness to upskill as required by the tasks to be performed – corresponding measures are agreed with management.