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10 Jun 2019

Vacancy for the Position of Public Financial Management Reform Coordinator, Guyana: Project Re-engineering Public Financial Management Reform Through Climate Smart Infused Strategies

Closing Date: Mon, 24 Jun 2019


Job description (Terms of Reference) for the Position of Public Financial Management Reform Coordinator

Location: Ministry of Finance, Government of the Co-operative Republic of Guyana (GCRG), South America

Project Title: Re-engineering Public Financial Management Reform Through Climate Smart Infused Strategies

Type of Contract: Local Residence Based Project Contract,

Language Required: Proficient in written and spoken English
Duration of Assignment: 24 months renewable with a 3 months’ probation period


Working Conditions:Standard GCRG working conditions of working hours between 8:00 am to 4:30 pm, 5 days a week; 21 calendar days annual leave per year

Expected Starting Date: As soon as possible


The public finance of GCRG, is poised for exponential growth with the discovery of massive oil and gas deposits and first oil in the first Quarter of 2020. Its fiscal infrastructure needs strengthening and modernizing to cope with the demands that will be made by nascent oil and gas sector for accountable, efficient and transparent reporting fiscal operations.

The Ministry of Finance (MOF) buoyed by its Green State Development Strategy: Vision 2040 and with the championing of the Ministers of Finance, will be collaborating with donor institutions in a project entitled, “Re-engineering Public Financial Management Reform Through Climate Smart Infused Strategies.”
As part of its implementation arrangements the project will seek to integrate climate change methodologies into national budgeting and public investment management consistent with GCRG’s Green State Development Strategy: Vision 2040, and the Climate Action Goal of the SDGs Global Agenda 2030.
The project has eight main Outcomes for the period of 2019 to 2022, being:
1. Strengthen and modernize the National Treasury in its capacities to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of processing, accounting and reporting.
2. Strengthen and modernize the Office of the Budget in its capacity for budget planning,
preparation, execution, reporting, reviewing fiscal management and debt management;
3. Strengthen and modernize the operations and procurement procedures of the National
Procurement Tenders Administration (NPTA);
4. Strengthen and modernize the legislative, regulatory, and institutional framework of the
fiscal management and accountability regime of the State’s public finances;
5. To review the financial management systems of public corporations, local and
municipalities for compliance with best practices;
6. To review and streamline the organogram of the Ministry of Finance;
7. To review the classification and remuneration of positions across the wider public service
with a view to the commissioning of a comprehensive reclassification exercise;
8. To strengthen the PFM & ICT business productivity skills and ICT infrastructure across
the public sector supported by a 21st century IFMIS.


In this context, a Public Financial Management Reform Coordinator is sought the Head of the
Public Financial Management Reform Unit staffed with full-time consulting professional
technical assistants in the areas of budgeting, chart of accounts core accounting, treasury and
cash management, audit and quality assurance, human capital management and fiscal legislative
The Public Financial Management Reform Coordinator (PFM-RC) will report to the Finance
Secretary and work under the technical supervision of Public Financial Management Reform
Steering Committee. The PFM-RC will assist in the development of Principal Business Areas of
requirements specification, business processes and trainers’ manuals. The PFM-RC will also be
responsible for facilitating and supporting information dissemination, liaison between the
Reform Unit and regional democratic councils, municipalities, budget agencies and public
1. Position Title &
Public Financial Management Reform Coordinator (PFMRC)
Duty Station at MOF, Main & Urquhart Streets, Georgetown,
2. Reporting Lines Reports to the Finance Secretary with secondary reporting lines
to the Steering Committee
3. Collaboration/working
links with other units
and partners
- IFMIS Unit on a daily basis for ICT/IFMIS support;
- Office of the Budget on a regular basis to observe and
review current processes and practices for reform;
- Accountant General Department on a regular basis to
observe and review current processes and practices for
- Budget Agencies on a regular basis to observe and review
current processes and practices for reform;
4 Detailed description
of duties and tasks
- Proactive coordination with all key MOF Department
Heads and select line agencies to identify areas relating to
the PFM cycle (planning & budgeting, budget execution,
accounting & reporting) which would require reform and
- In consultation with consultant professionals and
relevant Department Heads develop periodic PFM
action/work plans which clearly shows priority reform
arrears, specific interventions, planned, impact areas, key
deliverables, timelines, and technical assistance required;
- Preparation of ToR’s for the focused PFM specialists
required to provide technical assistance and including
their selection and recruitment process;
- Launching, follow-up, co-ordination and effective
implementation of all PFM technical assistance initiatives
in the MOF and Budget Agencies;
- Holding regular meetings with/under the Steering
Committee to review progress against the work plan,
identify challenges; with a view spot gaps for new reform
- Regular coordination and reach-out to budget agencies to
identify and assess the impact of PFM reforms initiatives;
- Provide leadership, direction and operational support in
building the PFM capacity of staff in MOF and budget
- Identification and launch of change management
initiatives relating to PFM reforms;
- Serve as Liaison to the Finance Secretary for over-all
responsibility for coordination with donors and
international partners on all matters relating to PFM
Reforms. This will also include holding periodic roundtable
for donors to brief them about the reform initiatives
and deliverables;
- Serve as Liaisin to the Finance Secretary for handling all
administrative related matters of the PFM Reform Unit
including developing budget estimates, secretarial staff,
5. Deliverables/Outputs - Regular project implementation progress reports
- Working papers for meetings, workshops and training
prepared and reports produced;
- Lessons learned and policy briefs produced;
- Mid-term and end-of-year evaluation studies and reports
- Operation manuals, instructions, laws and regulations
- Requisite annual reports prepared in a timely manner;
6. Skills and
- A relevant Masters degree and/or professional
designation in accounting, finance, business
administration, social sciences or related fields;
- At least five years’ work experience in public finance.
- Experience in working in a national treasury Department;
- Experience in national level planning and budgeting;
- Experience in working on a Public Financial Management
- Hands on experience in organizing and facilitating,
meetings, training, and workshops;
- A proven record of team working;
- A sound knowledge of spoken and written English;
- A sound knowledge of financial and data processing, and
analysis tools;
- Good communication and facilitation skills.
7. Apply To Mr. Dale Browne
Deputy Finance Secretary
Ministry of Finance
Main & Urquhart Streets
South America
Tel # +592 226 1193
E-mail: dbrowne@finance.gov.gy