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29 Jan 2020

Terms of Refernce for Vacancy: EDA Deputy Project Coordinator for Enhancing Direct Access, Antigua and Barbuda

Closing Date: Fri, 14 Feb 2020


Terms of Reference

EDA Deputy Project Coordinator for Enhancing Direct Access (EDA)


Job Title

Deputy Project Coordinator (DPC)

Type of Consultant

Individual Consultant

Project Title

Integrated physical adaptation and community resilience through an enhanced direct access (EDA) pilot in the public, private, and civil society sectors of three Eastern Caribbean small island developing states

Date of Issue

January 28, 2020

Deadline for application

February 14, 2020

To Apply

Suitable candidates are invited to submit the following documents: a cover letter and a curriculum vitae (CV) with contact information for three (3) reference.


Email the copy of the above referenced documents to the DOE@ab.gov.ag  at the address stated below:

Procurement Officer

Department of Environment

Ministry of Health, Wellness and the Environment

Botanical Gardens, Factory Road, St. John’s Antigua


Please use the email subject line: "Deputy Project Coordinator"

Contracting Authority

Department of Environment


Duration of Contract

1 year (renewable), commencing March 1, 2020


Antigua and Barbuda 

Equal Employment Opportunity (EE0)


The Department of Environment (DoE) provides equal opportunity and fair and equitable treatment in employment to all people without regard to race, colour, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, political affiliation, marital status, or sexual orientation. The DoE strives to achieve equal employment opportunity in all personnel operations through continuing diversity enhancement programmes. 


  1. About the Organization


The Department of Environment is a Government agency within the Ministry of Health, Wellness and the Environment in the Government of Antigua and Barbuda.

Its overall mission is to provide technical advice on the environment and to design and implement projects on behalf of the Government and the people of Antigua and Barbuda. These interventions are designed to protect and enhance the country's environment, as well as seek common solutions to national, regional and global environmental challenges.

The Department of Environment (DOE) accomplishes its mission inter alia through:

  • An integrated environmental planning and management system,
  • Efficient implementation of programmes, projects and technical services,
  • Providing accurate council on environmental management as well as effective and consistent enforcement of environmental laws and regulations, and
  • Provide the public with easily accessible information and technical assistance.

The Department of Environment manages four main Programmes, which are aligned with its national legislation, the Environmental Protection and Management (EPMA) of 2019 and international environmental agreements. These are:

  1. Climate Change Programme (Adaptation, Mitigation, and Capacity Building)
  2. Biodiversity Programme
  3. Pollution Programme
  4. Monitoring, Evaluation and Data Management Programme

Partners of the DOE include UN Environment, UNDP, IUCN, Caribbean Development Bank, Government of Italy, the Global Environment Facility, the Green Climate Fund, the Adaptation Fund, among others. The DOE was accredited as a direct access entity to the Adaptation Fund in 2015 and the Green Climate Fund in 2017. The DOE is focused on designing high-impact, transformational projects that maximize funding directly available to the public, private and civil society actors to meet an ambitious environmental agenda.

To learn more about the Department, please visit: https://environment.gov.ag/en/


  1. Background and Context


The Green Climate Fund (GCF) has recently approved[1] a sub-regional USD 20 million climate change project: Integrated physical adaptation and community resilience through an enhanced direct access pilot in the public, private, and civil society sectors of three Eastern Caribbean small island developing states. The purpose of the Enhancing Direct Access (EDA) Project (herein thereafter referred to as the “EDA Project”) is to build the capacity and the track record of financing structures that increase access to and direct benefits from the GCF to households, small and medium businesses and low-income populations in Antigua and Barbuda, Grenada and Dominica. The project targets the following sectors: adaptation in infrastructure, strengthening buildings, and enhancing ecosystem services.


The project will provide climate change financing via grants to the public sector using the Public Sector Investment Programme (PSIP), and the project will capitalize NGO facilities with grants as well as revolving loan facilities with highly concessional small loans. A key feature of this project is that it tests the paradigm-shifting potential of enhanced direct access (EDA) to build the capacity of executing entities via GCF readiness support through implementation.


This project and the EDA modality aim to make climate financing directly available to vulnerable populations in the public, private and civil society sectors so that beneficiaries can be agents of change and build resilience against natural disasters and to projected climate change impacts.


The four-year project is expected to achieve the following outputs:

  • Output 1: Enhanced capacity for climate adaptation planning, implementation, and monitoring and evaluation via direct access
  • Output 2: Governments implement concrete adaptation measures using ecosystem-based approaches where appropriate
  • Output 3: Community resilience to climate impacts is enhanced through tangible adaptation benefits.
  • Output 4: Privately owned physical assets of vulnerable populations are more resilient to climate variability and change through concessional microfinancing.


The OECS Commission through its Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Unit will coordinate independent monitoring and evaluation of the project. The EDA project will require clear linkages to the M&E systems in Antigua and Barbuda, Grenada, and Dominica. In this regard, the OECS Commission’s M&E Unit will provide oversight and support to national M&E personnel based in the respective pilot countries.


For further information on the EDA, please visit:




  1.      Purpose and Objective


The Department of Environment is seeking a competent individual to occupy the position of Deputy Project Coordinator to achieve the required outputs of the project. The objective of this consultancy is to ensure that the required outputs are accomplished in an efficient and timely manner.


The Deputy Project Coordinator (DPC) is a full-time, EDA funded staff member and shall be responsible for coordinating the implementation of all aspects of the GCF EDA Project Activities in Antigua and Barbuda and provide technical and administrative leadership to the EDA project Team in all three countries. He/she shall liaise directly with the Project Coordinator and Project Manager in Antigua and Barbuda and maintain efficient and effective communication with the Country Coordinators and Technical Officers in Dominica and Grenada.

The Deputy Project Coordinator (DPC) will be responsible for the management of all four outputs of the GCF EDA project activities in Antigua and Barbuda ensuring cohesiveness and coordination with government, civil society organization and the private sector.

  1.       Scope of Work


The EDA Deputy Project Coordinator is expected to undertake the following:


Overarching responsibilities


  • Provide technical and administrative leadership to the project teams in Antigua and Barbuda and act as the representative of the project in the project implementing countries of Dominica and Grenada;
  • Observe policies and project management procedures of the Accredited Entity (DoE) to facilitate implementation and ensure delivery of high-quality outcomes, managing project files and data security across outputs;
  • Ensuring substantive support and advice are provided to project countries and the EDA Project Management Unit (PMU) team for the strategic direction of the project and activities under implementation.
  • Provision of policy and technical advice to the project countries and facilitation of knowledge building and management;
  • Facilitate responsive project learning through independent evaluations of activities and project impact, and communicate results to a wide audience;
  • Prepare project briefs, reports and documentation of lessons learned.


Coordination of EDA activities in Antigua and Barbuda

  • Provide oversight and coordination of all project activities in Antigua and Barbuda.
  • Ensure project compliance with all the conditions stipulated by the Green Climate Fund in the Accredited Master Agreement (AMA), the Funded Activity Agreement (FAA) and Subsidiary Agreement (SA) as well as reporting requirements;
  • Lead procurement processes, including preparing and overseeing the development of Terms of Reference for consultants and contractors, evaluation and recruitment.
  • Contract monitoring, especially review and approval of deliverables;
  • Coordinate and work with the Project Management Unit (PMU), Project Management Committee (PMC), Technical Advisory Committee (TAC), DoE and other Teams to ensure that work is delivered according to targets, work plans and the project log frame;
  • Supervise procurement per approved procurement plans, budgets following work plans and verify disbursal of project funds, taking into account the decisions of project committees
  • Provide technical support in the project/program formulation, implementation and monitoring processes and lead and coordinate all activities in Antigua and Barbuda focusing on the following roles and responsibilities: 
    1. Day-to-day task management of output  1 – 4 in Antigua and Barbuda;
    2. Coordination of the project outputs with the other projects within the DoE, reporting to the PMC, PMU and TAC;
    3. Provide technical leadership and direct inputs as required in the preparation of workplans and budgets for EDA subprojects and ensure that reports are consistent with the EDA FAA requirement and ensure that they are submitted to the relevant party including PMC, TAC and PMU.  
    4. Assisting the PC, to ensure that project objective, outcomes, outputs and activities are implemented and achieved in a timely and appropriate manner;
    5. Assist with the preparation of TORs for consultants and experts, assist in the hiring of staff and consultants, overseeing consultants' work and ensure their timely engagement and delivery of work;
    6. Provide necessary guidance and technical support to consultants in performing their functions, and approve their deliverables in consultation with the Project Coordinator (PC), the Project Manager (PM) and PMC.
    7.  Organize and assist in the facilitation of project-related activities, where required. These may include planning for meetings, local and national workshops, consultations, field trips, and other project-related activities. 
    8. Provide technical support on Monitoring and Evaluation and tracking the project indicators;
    9. Assist the PC in providing support to government institutions, civil society and private sector on the implementation and reporting on obligations associated with the EDA Project;
    10. Develop and maintain a program workplan and assist in monitoring staff compliance with and performance to workplans; 
    11. Assist in the delivery of technical components of the EDA projects, including review of the  technical outputs; and 
    12. Prepare and submit technical reports to the PC as required.


Overall Coordination

  • Establish and maintain partnerships and supports the resource tracking under the guidance of the PC focusing on achievement the required results;
  • Establish and maintain good linkage with national and regional processes that can benefit from the knowledge of the project;
  • Coordinate with other national, regional, and international initiatives and programs whose outcomes and outputs can build synergy to the EDA projects;
  • Ensure appropriate stakeholders participation in the project assessment revision and during implementation;
  • Assist with the coordinate of all project-related work including outcomes and deliverables, conduct quality control of all inputs from thematic groups and individual experts, liaise with the focal persons in the different line ministries and partner within the key stakeholders;
  • Ensure effective communication and adequate information flow with the relevant authorities, institutions and government departments, private sector and NGO communities and coordinate the work of all stakeholders;
  • Assist the PC to respond to requests from the GCF and other implementation partners;
  • Perform any other function and task as required or assigned by the PC;

Project implementation

  • Set up EDA project activities via cloud-based project management software (Smartsheet) to manage project schedules, risks, reporting, tracking and dashboards; manage project files and data security;
  • Engage and manage open channels of communication with Executing Entities and implementation partners in the respective countries via in-country meetings, phone calls, email, conference lines and the project management software;
  • Facilitate coordination and consistency of project implementation at national and regional levels;
  • Coordinate and work with the Project Management Unit (PMU) staff and the national teams in Grenada and Dominica to ensure that work is delivered according to targets, workplans and the project log frame;
  • Supervise procurement per approved procurement plans, budgets following workplans and verify disbursal of project funds, taking into account the decisions of project committees;
  • Coordinate and contribute to the preparation and publication of scientific and technical outputs from the project;
  • Foster partnerships with a range of entities to promote the long-term impact and scaling-up of the project;
  • Draft press releases; participate in public relations activities and maintain high visibility of project progress and impact


Project reporting

  • Update the project's risk register quarterly;
  • Prepare regular reports for the Project Management Committee (PMC) and Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) meetings in Antigua and Barbuda as well as the project management and technical team meetings in Grenada and Dominica and provide support as required;
  • Facilitate independent monitoring and evaluation with the OECS Commission;
  • Prepare aggregate reports and ensures effective monitoring of project progress and finance focusing on achieving the following results;
  • Review regularly the EDA funded project details, timetables/schedules, deliverables and budget (evidence of progress towards expected outputs, according to the agreed schedules, within budget with the various project teams);
  • Assist the PC to identify and monitor the project risks and issues; submit new risks and issues to the relevant party and the project steering committee for consideration and decision if required;
  • Prepare and provide timely aggregate reports of EDA and non-EDA project status as required by the PMC, GCF and the respective Governments of the country;
  • Keep regular monitoring of the progress of the projects and take corrective actions to ensure that the project is achieving expected results/outputs within the given timeframe and budget;
  • Maintain records of Project Management Committee meetings, decisions, actions, etc.;
  • Where appropriate assist the PC in managing non-technical aspects of the EDA project, including administration, finance, human resources, resource tracking and donor relations;
  • Undertake field-level work relating to the implementation of EDA and non-EDA project as and when required;
  • Assist in the recruitment of staff and supervise project personnel in conducting administrative and logistical functions and ensure timely and effective implementation of project activities;


  1.       Indicative Deliverables

The Officer is expected to produce the following stated below:

  • Actively manage project schedules, risks, reporting, tracking and dashboards, manage project files and data security via Smartsheet;
  • Develop annual workplans and budgets;
  • Lead in the development of a Manual for each of the project countries containing details to facilitate project implementation, including:
    • A description of the arrangements to deliver the activities in each of the project countries, including managing units, coordination arrangements with relevant institutions, the technical committees and overall coordination with the OECS Commission;
    • Models of options of climate-resilient investments and possible contractors;
    • Detailed grant management guide and eligibility criteria for selecting the grantees (communities) under the public and NGO outputs;
    • Detailed credit assessment and loan management guide for the concessional loans;
  • Annual Project Performance Reports;
  • Yearly reports with the list of investments and their climate change impacts financed by the project;
  • Assist the PC in satisfying the GCF conditions for the second, third and final disbursements;
  • Track and report on co-financing contribution of the EDA project;
  • Gender-sensitive communications strategy to develop and disseminate lessons learned reports and knowledge products;
  • Report on lessons learned and knowledge captured during project implementation;
  • Deevelop five (5) informative knowledge products and success stories that promote ecosystem-based and community resilience adaptation approaches and innovative approaches to adaptation in the Eastern Caribbean, and within small island developing states globally;
  • Updates to the Risk Register and the Logical Framework;
  • PSIP Progress Reports;
  • Back to office reports (produced three days after returning to the office).


VI       Institutional Arrangements and Reporting

The Deputy Project Coordinator will be provided office space in the Department of Environment’s office at #1 Victoria Park Botanic Gardens, St. John’s, Antigua. The Deputy Project Coordinator will report to the Project Coordinator and collate EDA reporting via smartsheet against milestones in the annual work programme. Project implementation will utilize DOE procurement, monitoring and reporting procedures.


The  Deputy Project Coordinator will work in close collaboration with and provide updates on project strategies and activities to the DOE’s Project Manager, the OECS Commission’s M&E Unit, the EDA Project Coordinator, the DMU Data Manager, and the DOE’s M&E Consultant.  The day-to-day guidance and supervision of the Officer will be the responsibility of the PC. 


In the execution of his/her duties, the Officer will be expected to liaise and collaborate with teams within the DOE, national and international consultants, relevant government institutions and authorities, civil society organizations and the private sector. The Officer will contribute to the production of inception, monthly, quarterly, midterm and annual performance reports.


VII      Key Qualifications and Experience Required

The Deputy Project Coordinator is expected to have the following skills and qualifications:


  • Master’s degree in natural resources management, environmental studies, water resources, forestry, biodiversity or any other related fields.  Training in project management and Smartsheet would be an asset;
  • Minimum of 5 years working experiences in environment, natural resources management, energy and sustainable livelihoods with more than 3 years’ experience in direct program/project management;
  • Knowledge and skills in project development, planning and formulation including proven records in Global Environment Facility (GEF), GCF program formulation and management;  
  • Knowledge and understanding of the relevant UN Convention, environmental issues in Antigua and Barbuda, Grenada and Dominica, with good leadership, coordination, communication, and facilitation skills are essential.
  • The candidate should demonstrate initiative, sound judgment and analytical skills. S/he will need to be results-oriented and possess the ability to work as a team member with culturally diverse environments;
  • Initiative and ability to work under minimum supervision is an asset.
  • Understanding of international stakeholders and development partners in the field of the environment;
  • Strong skills in monitoring and evaluation, and experience in implementing environmental projects; 
  • Ability to effectively coordinate a multidisciplinary team of experts and consultants;
  •  Be an effective negotiator with excellent oral and presentation skills;
  • Understanding of a wide range of recovery issues and the humanitarian and environmental linkage;
  •  Language: in English both writing and speaking;


VIII   Evaluation Criteria



Max. Score



Master’s degree in relevant field – 20


Certification in Project Management – 10



Minimum of 5 years’ experience – 20


Demonstrated leadership qualities – 10

Demonstrated experience in project risk assessment and risk management – 10

Excellent negotiation skills – 5

Knowledge of the environmental laws in the OECS and multilateral environmental agreements– 5



Willingness and ability to travel frequently within the Eastern Caribbean – 5


Proven time management skills – 5

Overall alignment with the culture of the DOE and ambition of the project – 10