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04 Jul 2016
Thirty-Seventh Regular Meeting of the Conference of Heads of Government of the Caribbean Community, Guyana
12:00–12:00 PM Guyana Add meeting to Your Calendar

The Conference of Heads of Government, also known as the Conference, consists of the Heads of Government of CARICOM Member States. It is the supreme Organ of the Caribbean Community and determines and provides its policy direction. In addition to this function, it is the final authority for the conclusion of Treaties on behalf of the Community and for entering into relationships between the Community and International Organisations and States. The Conference is also responsible for making the financial arrangements to meet the expenses of the Community, but has delegated this function to the Community Council. Decisions of the Conference are generally taken unanimously.

The Chairmanship of the Conference is determined by a six-monthly Rotation Schedule – 1 January-30 June and 1 July-31 December – approved by that Principal Organ.  The decision to establish a Rotation Schedule was taken by the Conference at a Special Meeting (October 1992, Trinidad and Tobago).


Meeting Highlights

The Heads of Government will have a packed agenda for business sessions, on Tuesday 5 and Wednesday 6 July 2016.  Some of the major highlights include:


Regional Security -This is a priority matter for all Member States. Heads will discuss measures to  increase and improve upon the collaboration among our Member States in the critical area. They will examine how current mechanisms are working and how they can be improved; and the legal instruments required to facilitate the desired collaboration.


CARICOM Single Market and Economy:  Heads of Government will discuss matters related to the operation of the CSME, including Travel Facilitation (Movement of People)


Border Issues:  Heads will consider the border issues between Guyana and Venezuela, and Belize and Guatemala. The Community has consistently expressed it full commitment to the preservation of the territorial integrity of all Member States.


Correspondent Banking (De-risking): The Meeting will seek to advance the search for solutions to this matter which continues to plague the region; is a threat to our domestic banking and, as a result, our commerce, including transfer of resources. Heads had mandated a certain course of action at their last Meeting in Belize. They will take stock of what has taken place and what more is left to be done.


CARICOM-Cuba Relations - The Community is in the process of finalizing an expanded trade agreement with Cuba. The Meeting will seek to advance the process. 


Exchange of Views with President of Chile: The Heads of Government will discuss cooperation on matters of mutual interest with the President of Chile Ms. Michelle Bachelet.


Plight of Persons of Haitian Descent rendered Stateless in DR: Heads will revisit this long standing, unresolved matter


Rules of Procedure for Heads of Government:  The Community has been looking at the decision making process as part of the overall reform process.  Heads will examine the progress to date.

Website Address: http://caricom.org/cochog
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