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Statement by the Chairman of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM), Honourable Patrick Manning, Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago, on the Planned Shipment of High-Level Radioactive Waste from France through the Panama Canal via the Caribbean Sea

Posted in: Statements from CARICOM Meetings by admin | 14 March 2006 | Release Ref #: 54/2006 | 2371

    The CARICOM Heads of Government at their 17th Inter-Sessional Meeting held recently in Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago, expressed strong condemnation of the proposed shipment by France of High-Level Radioactive waste through the Caribbean Sea.

    The Caribbean Community wishes to reiterate that any accidental or deliberate spill of nuclear or toxic waste in the Caribbean Sea could pose a serious threat to the economies of the Region and is concerned that despite its repeated opposition to the shipments, the practice continues.

    On behalf of the Governments and people of the Caribbean Community, I strongly urge those countries which ship or transship high-level radioactive waste through the Caribbean Sea to desist from so doing in the interest of the environmental safety and integrity of an already fragile regional eco-system and ultimately the security of the Caribbean population.