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Exploring SmartRoom Guyana – on the Journey to a Single Regional ICT Space

Posted in: Press Releases by kendol | 18 January 2018 | 4237

    Smart room guyana-group
    Smart room guyana-group

    With the vision of the Single Regional ICT space in mind, Staff at the CARICOM Secretariat on Thursday experienced a hands-on demonstration of SmartRoom Guyana, at Guyana’s National Centre for Educational Resource Development (NCERD).

    SmartRooms are the beginning of smart cities which have been cited as one of the desired outcomes of the Single ICT space, for which CARICOM Heads approved a roadmap last year. SmartRooms are becoming central to development agenda across the world and now occupy an important place in the corporate, national, and international research and development work and life.

    Thursday’s demonstration was used as a sensitization exercise to share the functioning and opportunities provided by a SMARTRoom, brainstorm about resource mobilisation for other smart rooms across the region and examine the other uses and possibilities for the Secretariat which is embarking on an IT upgrade project in 2018, supported by the Government of India.

    SMARTRoom Guyana is targeting the country’s Education Sector in the first instance, with links to Smart Classrooms aim at extending E-learning and developing students learning ability. The smart classrooms are the new generation educational product and represent a step towards the future of education.  This finds strong nexus with the CARICOM Human Resource Development Strategy (HRD) 2030 – approved last year by the CARICOM Heads of Government.

    The SMARTRoom technologies also support:

    Meeting Engagement 
    Seamless Tech Configuration 
    Including Remote Attendees
    Recorded Meetings
    Improved employee engagement and collaboration

    The Secretariat’s visit was coordinated by the ICT4D programme which has oversight for the CARICOM Single ICT space programme approved by Heads to be developed by 2022 .  One of the pillars of the programme is “Bringing Technology to the People”


    Contact : NCERD – Marcia Thomas PhD, Innovative and Communication Technology Coordinator – Marcia.thomas@moe.gov.gy

    Secretariat: ICT4D, Jennifer Britton, - Jennifer.Britton@Caricom.org