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CARICOM Youth Ambassador, Vishal Hulbert Joseph, has eyes set on future

Posted in: Press Releases by volderine | 02 July 2019 | 2555

    Vishal Joseph, Guyana's CARICOM Youth Ambassador
    Vishal Joseph, Guyana's CARICOM Youth Ambassador

    Guyana Chronicle)LIFE has not always been smooth sailing for Vishal Hulbert Joseph, who was forced to make a few decisions that would prove crucial to his future endeavours. In fact, at just 17, he was practically on his own, pursuing sixth form studies and a job at the same time.

    Vishal shared his story just recently with the Guyana Chronicle, and he could not help but reflect on how well his life has turned out, even though he had quite a few bumpy roads to travel.

    A ‘Georgetown’ boy all his life, Vishal completed all of his education on Camp Street. He began at the Starter’s Nursery School, and then pressed on to St. Margaret’s Primary and Queen’s College, where he completed sixth form.

    Vishal is forever grateful that his parents, Lennox Joseph and Savitri Singh, along with his caring teachers, paid attention to his education, and provided the nudge he needed to excel academically.

    Vishal would not elaborate on the details regarding the challenges he faced when he was just about to begin sixth form, but he did say that the circumstances at the time required that he live on his own. Through it all, he came out successfully with 12 subjects at the CSEC examinations.

    Read more at: Guyana Chronicle

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