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Death toll rises to 20 in The Bahamas

Posted in: Regional News by volderine | 04 September 2019 | 1756

    Destruction in Marsh Harbour. TERRAN KNOWLES
    Destruction in Marsh Harbour. TERRAN KNOWLES

    (The Nassau Guardian, Sept. 4, 2019) The death toll from Hurricane Dorian has risen to 20, Minister of Health Dr. Duane Sands confirmed today.

    The monster storm made its exit from The Bahamas last night, after terrorizing Grand Bahama and Abaco over the past three days.

    “At this point we are starting to get a more vivid picture of the loss of life, at least in Abaco, and the loss of life in Grand Bahama,” Dr. Sands said on The Hit Back with Nahaja Black on Star 106.5 FM

    “So, the toll has risen to just 20 persons… in Abaco and Grand Bahama thus far. But bear in mind that search and rescue exercises, exploration of homes that were flooded, is just now starting. We’re gonna have to go door to door in Abaco, and door to door Grand Bahama and we don’t know what we’re going to find.”

    Sands said 17 of the victims were from Abaco and the remaining three were from Grand Bahama.