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Ministry of Agriculture Strategy 2013-2020

Posted in: Documents | 24 July 2014

A National Strategy for Agriculture in Guyana 2013-2020.

Agriculture remains at the very heart of Guyana’s people -centered developmental agenda. In a country and in a world where the pursuit of equity for our citizens remain a major challenge and a fundamental development goal, where we have
identified food security as a way to end poverty and hunger by 2025, it is our imperative to robustly promote a knowledge-based, multifunctional transformative agricultural sector. We see agriculture as a vehicle to promote national prosperity,end poverty and hunger and provide the opportunity for better lives for ALL OUR PEOPLE.
Guyana’s Vision for Agriculture 2020 seeks to change the view that agriculture is for subsistence livelihood while it also seeks to promote agriculture as a wealth generator and entrepreneurial enterprise, producing food and non-food commodities to meet local and export demands