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IICA Technical Cooperation Strategy Guyana 2014-2018

Posted in: Documents | 15 August 2014

In strategizing for the new period of operation, the IICA Office in Guyana Technical Cooperation Strategy (ICS) will be aligned with the general functionality of the Medium-Term Plan (MTP) 2014-2018. The general approach in the preparation of the document has been one of consultation, both at the levels of document/policy analysis and formal discussions with officials of the Ministry of Agriculture (MoA) and other stakeholders. In that regard, the proposed Technical Cooperation initiatives reflect the priorities arising from the needs and requirements of the country aligned with the Institute’s capacities to provide technical support. The MTP 2014-2018 provides the blueprint for the IICA’s Guyana Country Strategy 2014-2018, which will be implemented through a systematic, participatory, and organized approach to maximize the impact of development interventions in the agricultural and rural sectors in the country.