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Caribbean Community Regional Aid for Trade Strategy 2013–2015

Posted in: Documents | 30 October 2013

The ever-evolving, intensely competitive, and crisis-ridden global economy has compelled the Member States of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) to take a hard look at how they can achieve a safe, viable, prosperous, and above all, sustainable and resilient path to development.

It is recognised that trade expansion has an important contribution to make towards achieving that goal.
The CARICOM Single Market and Economy was not only intended to foster greater intra-regional trade but also, through production integration, to spur expanded trade between CARICOM and  third states. The latter objective was viewed as a crucial driver for developing and improving the economic and social welfare of the Region. Consequently, for CARICOM, Aid for Trade (AfT) must take into account the creation and strengthening of supply-side capacity and strengthening trade-related infrastructure for Member States to expand their trade and reduce the adjustment costs of the changing external trade environment. To achieve this, substantial assistance is needed to enhance competitiveness and to make optimal use of the opportunities provided in the liberalised global environment. This assistance must be focused and targeted.