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Vision, Mission and Core Values

Our Vision

A Caribbean Community that is integrated, inclusive and resilient; driven by knowledge, excellence, innovation and productivity; a Community where every citizen is secure and has the opportunity to realise his or her potential with guaranteed human rights and social justice; and contributes to, and shares in, its economic, social and cultural prosperity ; a Community which is a unified and competitive force in the global arena.

Our Mission

The Community works together to deepen integration and build resilience so as to:

  • affirm the collective identity and facilitate social cohesion of the people of the Community;
  • realise our human potential as defined by the Ideal Caribbean Person, full employment and full enjoyment of human rights;
  • ensure that social and economic justice and the principles of good governance are enshrined in law and embedded in practice;
  • systematically reduce poverty, unemployment and social exclusion and their impacts;
  • mainstream all aspects of sustainable development, including the environment, economic and social dimensions;
  • create the environment for innovation, the development and application of technology, productivity and global competitiveness, in which the collective strength of the Region is unleashed;
  • promote optimum sustainable use of the Region’s natural resources on land and in the marine environment, and protect and preserve the health and integrity of the environment;
  • respect the rule of law, protect the assets of the Community, and abhor corruption, crime and criminality in all its forms;
  • encourage citizens to willingly accept responsibility to contribute to the welfare of their
  • fellow citizens and to the common good ,practice healthy living and lifestyles, respect the rule of law, protect the assets of the Community, and abhor corruption, crime and criminality in all its forms;
  • project ‘one voice’ on international issues;
  • increase savings and the flow of investment within the Community.

Our Core Values


We commit to winning hearts and minds to work towards a robust and inclusive Caribbean Community, able to work together to preserve the gains of regional integration and address the current challenges of economi
c recovery and growth and sustainable human development.
We celebrate the strength of both the shared and diverse aspects of our culture, heritage, and communities


We emphasize the reach of services and benefits to all stakeholders across the Community



We practice a consistent commitment to honesty, trustworthiness and that which is morally correct in our relationships and operations. We are passionate about what we do and what we believe in the value of regional integration to enable the development of our Member States



We emphasize the pivotal role of the peoples of the Community at all levels and in all spheres of endeavour to embrace regional integration and the benefits it continues to offer


Performance Driven/Results Focused

We emphasize the importance of targeted results in achieving sectoral/cross sectoral as well as institutional strengthening goals.

We value productivity and we pursue good management practice with planning and implementation of our work and effective monitoring, evaluation and reporting to ensure the desired results are achieved.


Good Governance

We have an abiding respect for human rights, the rule and law, and take action to ensure social and economic justice
for the people of the Community
We provide proactive, visionary leadership for promoting and reinforcing the spirit and commitment to regional integration, emphasizing transparency, accountability and
operational excellence within all organs and institutions in the Community.
We rely on research for evidence based decision  making at all levels, with a systematic approach to monitoring and measuring policy outcomes and impacts.


Good Environmental Management

We are committed to good environmental management and the protection of the Region’s natural assets across all sectors of development;
and empowering the peoples of the Community in their preparation for and management of the impacts of natural and manmade hazards and the effects of climate change


Our Services

The range of services of CARICOM – regional public goods - are provided by the key actors within the Community which i) are required under the Treaty, as well as ii) respond to the demand of Member States.  These are as follows:
1. Regional policy development and management – to create an enabling environment to implement, and achieve the objectives of, the RTC

2. Community Governance – Manage effective governance and decision making arrangements to support implementation of the RTC

3. Project/programme planning and management - to implement, and achieve the objectives of, the RTC

4. Research and Technical Advice – to support the development of the Community and enable the RTC

5. Public Education & Information – Building awareness and commitment regional integration, the CARICOM agenda (purpose, organization, opportunities and benefits of the Community) and a Community for all

6. Advocacy – regionally and international for the concerns and positions of the Member States of the Community (based on a coordinated foreign policy approach)

7. Coordination/harmonization – of legislative and policy environment to enable equitable access to the benefits of regional integration

8. Resource mobilization – for the resources to support regional integration

9. Capacity development as form of functional cooperation, for example, leadership development; project development and management of multilateral and national programmes and projects.

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