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Turks and Caicos Islands Turks and Caicos Islands

CARICOM Youth Ambassador(s)

Key facts

Date of Membership in CARICOM: 2 Jul 1991 - Learn more about membership in CARICOM

Also Known as:NA

Status of Independence:Overseas Territory of the United Kingdom

Area: 430 km2 (170 miles2 )

Capital City: Cockburn Town, Grand Turk

Population: 39,184 (2011)

Currency: United States Dollar

Highest National Award: NA


GDP: $1,963 Mn (2011)

GDP Growth: –2.1% p.a. 2013

GNI: US$0.81 bn

GNI PC: : US$21,337.90

Key dates in history

Island named after ‘Turks’ Head ‘fez’ cactus that grew on the island. Caicos from Lacayan, caya hico

Meaning string of islands

1766   Under British Rule

1804   Turks Islands ruled by Jamaica

1813   Hurricane marked the demise of cotton plantations

1848   Caicos Islands joins Turks Islands ina separate administrative territory of Jamaica

1959   Separates from Jamaica, but maintains same Governor as Jamaica