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Suriname Suriname

CARICOM Youth Ambassador(s)

Key facts

Date of Membership in CARICOM: 4 Jul 1995 - Learn more about membership in CARICOM

Also Known as:Beating Heart of the Amazon

Status of Independence:Independent 1975/11/25

Area: 163,820 km2 (63,251 miles2)

Capital City: Paramaribo

Population: 517,052 (2008)

Currency: Suriname Dollar (SRD)

Highest National Award: Drager van het Groot Lint in de Ere Orde van de Palm


GDP Growth: 2.9% annual change (2013)

GNI: 8.606 billion PPP dollars

GNI PC: US$ 9,370 as of 2013

Key dates in history

1499       Country originally known by Amerindian name Surinam (after original inhabitants, the Surinas) sighted by Spanish explorer, Alonso de Ojeada

1651       First European settlement established by Britain

1667       Acquired by The Netherlands; became known as Dutch Guiana

1728       First Bush Negro Community established by runaway slaves

1761       Peace Treaty between The Netherlands and Bush Negroes following prolonged war

1815       Complete control regained by The Netherlands following numerous exchanges among Britain, France and The Netherlands

1954       Autonomy granted within the  Kingdom of The Netherlands

1975       Country became an Independent Republic, name  changed to Suriname, Dr. Johan Ferrier, first President