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Cayman Islands Cayman Islands

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Key facts

Date of Membership in CARICOM: 12 May 2002 - Learn more about membership in CARICOM

Also Known as:NA

Status of Independence:Overseas Territory of the United Kingdom

Area: 122.23 km2 (75.97 miles2)

Capital City: George Town (on Grand Cayman)

Population: 57,009 (2008)

Currency: Cayman dollar (KYD)

Highest National Award: Order of Knighthood, bestowed by Her Majesty, the Queen


GDP Growth: 1.4 p.a. 2013

GNI PC: US$53,850

Key dates in history

1503   Arrival of Columbus

1655   Island’s first representative government formed

1863   Formally annexed to Jamaica

1959   First constitution

1962   Separation from Jamaica following that country’s in dependence

1972   Adoption of New Constitution

1993   Adoption of Revised constitution

Hon. Alden M. McLaughin, Jr, MLA, MBE, JP


Visit Government Portal: http://www.gov.ky

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Did You Know?

The Cayman Islands are the world’s leading registry for large luxury yatchs,  having some 20% of  the world’s market for yachts over 120ft or 36 m in length


The first motor vessel in the Cayman Islands was the Cimbaco, built in 1927 and named for the Company that built it, the Cayman Islands Motor Boat Company. Captain Rayal Bodden built the vessel, which carried freight, passenger,  and mail between Grand Cayman and sister islands, Jamaica and the United States