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British Virgin Islands British Virgin Islands

CARICOM Youth Ambassador(s)

Key facts

Date of Membership in CARICOM: 2 Jul 1991 - Learn more about membership in CARICOM

Also Known as:NA

Status of Independence:Overseas Territory of the United Kingdom

Area: 153 km2 (59 miles2)

Capital City: Road Town

Population: 24,004 (July 2008 estimate)

Currency: United States Dollar

Highest National Award: BVI Badge of Honour


GDP Growth: –0.3% p.a. 2013

GNI: US$916m

GNI PC: US$29,563.5

Key dates in history

1493   Discovered by Spain

1666   Ruled by Britain

1672   Tortola annexed by Governor of Leeward Island

1773   Introduction of Civil Government

1956   Part of Leeward Islands Federation

1960   Direct Responsibility assumed. Administrator appointed as Queen’s representative

1967   Constitution  became effective

1994   Legislative council enlarged from nine to thirteen seats

1991   Associate membership  of CARICOM

Hon. Andrew Alturo Fahie


Visit Government Portal: http://www.bvi.gov.vg/

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Did You Know?

-There’s a scuba-dive site named Alice in Wonderland, on the south-west side of Ginger Island. Can you guess why? The coral has formed in such a way that they look like gigantic mushrooms, much like the ones Alice stumbles upon on her own adventures. You’ll be as wide-eyed as Alice herself if you choose to dive this famous site, home to soft sponges, angel fish, lobster, and turtles.

-Cow Wreck Beach situated on the Anegada Island has an interesting story behind its unusual name. It began in the late 19th century, when, before the time of plastic, cow bones were used to make buttons, amongst various other things. A ship transporting a load of cow bones was wrecked off of Anegada’s North West coast. As a result cow bones were swept ashore for years following. Suddenly all is clear.