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Protocol to The Agreement Establishing The CCJ Relating to The Tenure of Judges Rules of Court Financial Arrangements and Withdrawal…......

Common Name: Protocol to the Agreement establishing the CCJ relating to the Tenure of Judges, Rules of Court, Financial Arrangements and withdrawal from Agreement, as well as the relationship between Provisions on the Original Jurisdiction of the CCJ and the Constitutions of States Parties


This Protocol in accordance with Article XXXII of the Agreement Establishing the Caribbean Court of Justice seeks to amend the Agreement to modify the provisions respecting the tenure of the Judges of the Court; ensure the administration and financial sustainability of the Court; clarify the circumstances governing withdrawal from the Agreement; and firmly establish the relationship between the original jurisdiction of the Court and the constitutional order in the respective jurisdictions of the States Parties.

Date opened for Signature: 2005/02/17

Date of ratification

Antigua and Barbuda (January 4, 2006) Barbados (April 16, 2005) Belize (2 July 2005) Dominica (3 January 2006) Grenada (March 22, 2005) Guyana (January 5, 2006) Jamaica (March 18, 2005) St. Kitts and Nevis ( 3 January 2006) St. Lucia (March 15, 2005) St. Vincent (March 15, 2005) Suriname (6 January 2006) Trinidad & Tobago (December 21, 2005)

Entry into Force:

According to Article XII this Protocol shall enter into force in accordance with Article XXXII, paragraph 2 of the Agreement one month after the date on which the last Instrument of Ratification or Accession is deposited with the Secretary-General.