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Memorandum of Understanding for The Sharing of Intelligence among Member States of The Caribbean Community

Common Name: Memorandum of Understanding for the Sharing of Intelligence


According to Article two of the Memorandum of Understanding the main objective of this Memorandum is to set out a framework whereby the state parties will, to the full extent allowed by the laws of their respective countries- provide to each other, intelligence relevant to the prevention, investigation or prosecution of any person engaged in serious crimes of terrorism including terrorism financing; cooperate to safeguard Member State from the threat of crime, whether domestic, regional or transnational and terrorism, including terrorism financing; and facilitate the compiling of a Regional Threat Assessment.

Date opened for Signature: 2006/07/6

Date of ratification

Suriname (18 June 2007)

Entry into Force:

Article 11 – This memorandum shall enter into force upon signature by at least (3) Member States.