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Memorandum of Cooperation between The Federal Aviation Administration Department of Transportation United States of America and The Caribbean Community

Common Name: MOCooperation CON-I-2703 between the FAA Department of Transportation USA and CARICOM


This MOC Establishes the terms and conditions under which the FAA and CARICOM will coordinate the provision of technical assistance by the FAA to CARICOM Member States to support CARICOM in developing its regional civil aviation infrastructure. This MOC is to be effected by the FAA and CARICOM working to coordinate the provision of technical assistance in the areas of civil aviation safety and the modernization of the civil aviation infrastructure operated by CARICOM Member States in the managerial, operational and technical areas.

Date opened for Signature: 2002/07/10

Entry into Force:

According to Article XXIII this MOC shall enter into force on the date of the last signature and shall remain in force until terminated.