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CARICOM Agreement on Social Security

Common Name: Agreement on Social Security


The participating governments recognizes that harmonisation of the social security legislation of the Member States of the Caribbean Community is one of the ways envisaged to promote functional cooperation and regional unity; and applies to invalidity pensions; disablement pensions; old age or retirement pensions; survivors' pensions, and death benefits in the form of pensions by affirming the principles of equality of treatment for residents of the Contracting Parties under their social security legislation, the maintenance of rights acquired or in the course of acquisition, as well as the protection and maintenance of such rights notwithstanding changes of residence among their respective territories - principles which underlie several of the Conventions of the International Labour Organisation.

Date of ratification

Antigua (August 3, 1998) Bahamas (September 14, 2001) Barbados (May 28, 1997) Belize (September 17, 1996) Dominica (January 24, 1997) Grenada (November 17, 1998) Guyana (February 12, 1997) Jamaica (September 30, 1996) Montserrat (February 9, 2000) St. Kitts/Nevis (May 8, 1997) St. Lucia (June 27, 1997) St. Vincent (May 28, 1998) Trinidad & Tobago (April 22, 1997)

Entry into Force:

According to Article 59 (2) this agreement shall enter into force on the first day of the third month following that in which the third instrument of ratification or acceptance is deposited with the Secretary General. Entered into force on April 1, 1997.