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An Agreement for The Establishment of The Caribbean Meteorological Organisation

Common Name: Agreement establishing CMO


Agreement provides for the establishment of the Caribbean Meteorological Organisation, which shall have as its objective the promotion, and co-ordination of regional activities in the fields of meteorology and allied sciences.

Date opened for Signature: 1973/10/18

Date of accession

Anguilla (August 15, 1989)

Date of ratification

Antigua (March 13, 1974) Barbados (January 21, 1974) Belize (January 7, 1974) British Virgin Island (January 10 1974) Cayman Islands (January 4, 1974) Dominica (December 29, 1974) Grenada (December 27, 1973) Guyana (February 4, 1974) Jamaica (May 31, 1974) Montserrat (February 7, 1974) St. Lucia (December 12, 1973) St. Vincent and the Grenadines (November 5, 1991) Trinidad and Tobago (December 27, 1973)

Resolution /Withdrawal:

Resolution- 15 October, 1993 confirmed the entry into force of the Agreement for Establishing of the Caribbean Meteorological Organisation and all assets which were vested in the Caribbean Meteorological Council be transferred to the Caribbean Meteorological Organisation.

Entry into Force:

According to Article 27 this Agreement shall enter into force on 31st day of December, 1973 if Instruments of Ratification of eight States including Barbados, Guyana Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago have been deposited in accordance with Article 26 and if not, on such later date as the eight instrument of ratification including those of Barbados, Guyana, Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago, has been deposited. The Secretary-General shall notify member States of the entry into force of this Agreement. Entered into force on May 31, 1974.