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Agreement for the Establishment of the Caribbean Telecommunications Union

Common Name: Agreement for the establishment of CTU


This Agreement provides for the establishment of the Caribbean Telecommunications Union, the objectives of which are to facilitate the coordination of the planning, programming and development of intraregional communications networks to meet the immediate and future telecommunications needs of the Region; to assist the development of the national components of regional and international telecommunications networks; to promote the general awareness of the telecommunications needs of the Region and its potential for promoting the socio-economic development of the Region; and to establish linkages with the information bases of other telecommunication organizations and in particular, the Centre for Telecommunications Development at the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) in Geneva, among other things.

Date opened for Signature: 1989/04/28

Date of ratification

Antigua (July 2, 1991) Bahamas (July 2, 1989) Belize (20 July 1990) Barbados (July 17, 1990) Belize (July 20, 1990) Dominica (July 14, 1990) Grenada (July 16, 1990) Guyana (June 25, 1990) Jamaica (January 22, 1991) St. Kitts-Nevis (November 2, 1990) St. Lucia (November 6, 1989) St. Vincent and the Grenadines (October 18, 1989) Trinidad and Tobago (January 29, 1990)

Entry into Force:

Entered into force on July 17, 1990. AGREEMENT REGISTERED WITH UN ON FEBRUARY 18, 2004 Certificate of Registration No. 50637/39984. According to Article 26 the Agreement entered into force upon the deposit of seven Instruments of Ratification including Instruments of Ratification deposited on behalf of the three MDCs.