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Agreement for The Establishment of An Assembly of Caribbean Community Parliamentarians


This Agreement establishes an Assembly of Caribbean Community Parliamentarians, the objectives of which are, inter alia; to involve the people of the Community, through their representatives, in the process of consolidating and strengthening the Community; to provide opportunities for involvement in the issues of the integration process by members of Parliament in each Member State and Associate Member, in addition to those who now participate; to provide a forum for people of the Community to make their views known through their representatives; to provide more frequent contact in the monitoring of the policies of the Community; to provide enhanced opportunities for the coordination of the foreign policies of Member States; and to encourage the adoption by the Governments of Member States of the Community of a common policy on economic, social, cultural, scientific and legal matters deliberated upon by the Assembly.

Date opened for Signature: 1992/07/31

Date of accession

Turks and Caicos Islands (May 28, 1996) Suriname (May 16, 2001)

Date of ratification

Antigua (July 4, 1994) Bahamas (August 30, 1993) Barbados (June 21, 1993) Belize (May 19, 1995) Dominica (May 24, 1996) Grenada (December 13, 1993) Guyana (November 15, 1993) Jamaica (October 13, 1993) St. Kitts and Nevis (May 29, 1996) St. Lucia (May 15, 1995) St. Vincent and the Grenadines (July 10, 1996) Trinidad and Tobago (July 7, 1993)

Entry into Force:

Entered into force on August 3, 1994. AGREEMENT REGISTERED WITH UN ON FEBRUARY 18, 2004 Certificate of Registration No. 50673/60019 According to Article 11 this Agreement shall enter into force on the thirtieth [30th] day after the date of deposit of the seventh instrument of Ratification by a member state in accordance with Article 10 of this Agreement.