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Agreement Establishing The Seat of The CCJ AND The Offices of The RJLSC between The Government of Trinidad and Tobago and The Caribbean Court of Justice and The RJLSC

Common Name: Agreement Establishing the Seat of the CCJ and the Offices of the RJLSC between Trinidad and Tobago and the CCJ and the RJLSC


The Contracting Parties to the Agreement establishing the CCJ have determined, as provided for in Article III (3) of the Agreement Establishing the CCJ that the Seat of the Court shall be in Trinidad and Tobago. The Agreement provides for the grant of privileges and immunities to Judges and Officers of the Court necessary to protect their independence and impartiality.

Date opened for Signature: 2005/02/23

Entry into Force:

Article XIV-This Agreement and any agreement supplementary thereto shall enter into force immediately upon signature. Agreement entered into force on 23 February 2005.