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Agreement Establishing the Caribbean Food Corporation (CFC)


Agreement provides for the establishment of a Caribbean Food Corporation, which shall have as its objectives inter alia, the production, processing, packing, storage, transportation, distribution and marketing of food.

Date opened for Signature: 2010/05/6

Date of accession

D.O.A. – Barbados (November 23, 1976); Montserrat (May 6, 1977).

Resolution /Withdrawal:

Caribbean Food Corporation is no longer operative- winding-up proceeding commenced in 2001 in accordance with Articles 28 and 29 of the Agreement.

Entry into Force:

Entered into force on August 27, 1976. This Agreement was entered into force in accordance with Article 39, upon the signature or acceptance in accordance with Article 38 of the Agreement by any four of the countries including two of the More Developed countries listed in the Annex of this Agreement.