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Agreement Establishing the Caribbean Agricultural Research and Development Institute (CARDI)

Common Name: Agreement establishing CARDI


This Agreement provides for the establishment of CARDI, the objectives of which are to provide for the research and development needs of the agriculture of the Region as identified in national plans and policies; to provide an appropriate research and development service to the agricultural sector of Member States; to provide and extend the application of new technologies in production, processing, storage and distribution of agricultural products of Member States; to pursue for specified periods long term research in pertinent areas; to provide for the co-ordination and integration of the research and development efforts of Member States where this is possible and desirable; to undertake teaching functions normally at the postgraduate level, limited to the development of the relevant Member states; and to seek to achieve the optimum decentralization of facilities.

Date opened for Signature: 1974/12/5

Date of accession

Antigua (May 31, 1976) British Virgin Islands (November 27, 1996) Dominica (March 8, 1977) Montserrat (May 31, 1976) St. Kitts-Nevis-Anguilla (May 31, 1976) St. Vincent (September 13, 1976)

Date of ratification

Barbados (April 11, 1975) Belize (September 22, 1975) Grenada (May 26, 1975) Guyana (May 29, 1975) Jamaica (March 10, 1975) St. Lucia (May 22, 1975) Trinidad and Tobago (January 31, 1975)

Resolution /Withdrawal:

Trinidad and Tobago – Notice of Withdrawal – 3 May 2001 Effective 1 July 2002

Entry into Force:

According to Article 20 this Agreement shall enter into force by the deposit of the Instrument of Ratification in accordance with Article 19 by six of the States listed in the Annex including Barbados, Guyana, Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago. Entered into force on May 29, 1975 with the deposit by Guyana of Instrument of Ratification.