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Agreement between The Secretariat of UN Convention to Combat Desertification and Drought in Countries Particularly in Africa and The Secretariat of CARICOM

Common Name: Agreement between the UNCCD AND CARICOM


The objectives are to establish a joint framework of action with the aim of cooperating in the sub-region in fighting land degradation, addressing the problem of drought and water shortage and supporting all the efforts undertaken by the Caribbean countries to address the causes of this problem through the implementation of the UNCCD Convention; and to support the integration of the objectives related to fighting land degradation into the national and regional strategies and programmes.

Date opened for Signature: 2002/07/29

Date of accession


Date of ratification


Resolution /Withdrawal:


Entry into Force:

According to Article IV this Agreement will enter into force immediately upon signatures by both parties and shall continue in full force and effect until it is terminated. Agreement entered into force 29 July 2002.