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Office of the Deputy Secretary-General

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Posted in: Offices | 12 February 2015

    The Office of the Deputy Secretary-General  is responsible for the following:

    Administrative Services: establishes, maintains  and monitors systems to enhance the delivery of the Secretaiat’s programmes of work


    Conference Services: is responsible for servicing the meetings of the Organs and Institutions of the Community.


    Documentation Centre & Registry: fall administratively under the Corporate Services Programme. The Central Registry is responsible for the receipt, recording, routing and storage of both hard copy and electronic official mail received by the Secretariat while the Documentation Centre primarily provides information support to CARICOM Staff.

    The Documentation Centre is also a repository for all documents emanating from meetings convened by the Secretariat.

    See also: Regional ISBN Agency


    Finance: is responsible for the financial operation and management of the Secretariat with respect to Member States’ and Donor Resources.


    Human Resource Management: provides support to the management and general staff through the promotion of human resource development.


    Integrated Information System: is responsible for providing IT service and support to the organization. The department coordinates and manages the IT resources including the network infrastructure and services, websites, software applications and virtual meeting platform in order to improve the efficiency and delivery of the Secretariat’s programme of work.


    Regional Statistics: is responsible for developing the statistical infrastructure within the Secretariat and for strengthening statistical capacity in Member States and Associate Members in order to provide statistical products for policy formulation and decision-making.

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    Resource Mobilisation and Technical Assistance: is responsible for  mobilizing financial  and technical resources from International Development Partners, to support implementation of the Community’s programmes. RMTA  also undertakes project development support and project oversight functions


    Strategic Management: is responsible for coordinating the implementation of the Community Strategic Plan across the Regional Integration Architecture: viz: the CARICOM Secretariat, Community Institutions, Member States and other partners. In this context, the programme provides the following services:

    • Strategic Planning - Forecasting, Analysis and formulation;

    • Implementation and monitoring;

    • Evaluation;

    • Risk Management; and

    • Reporting


    Technical Action Services Unit: provides a range of appropriate institutional strengthening and capacity building interventions to facilitate Member States in the implementation of regional decisions.


    Manorma Soeknandan, PhD

    Deputy Secretary General

    See also: Executive Management


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