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Caribbean Poultry Association (CPA)

Caribbean Poultry Association (CPA)

Website: http://www.caribbeanpoultry.org/

Areas of Work

Caribbean Poultry Association (CPA) works in the following areas:

CARICOM Institutions

The CPA is the strongest Caribbean regional livestock association and one of the strongest regional agribusiness associations. The CPA has high visibility both within and outside the region. The CPA plays a major role in the deliberations of COTED, OTN, CROSQ and CaribVet. The CPA is a member of the Latin American Poultry Association (ALA) / CISA (Animal Health Commission in Latin America) and the International Poultry Council.

The strategic direction of the CPA is guided by the common needs of the association's regional members in the context of the environment within which we operate. The present strategic direction as articulated and agreed to by the Board and the membership is a Go4Growth Strategy with projects and activities in the following areas:

  • Business Outreach
  • Business Intelligence
  • Expertise Dissemination

The overall role of the CPA can be summarised as follows:

Facilitating information exchange
Developing scientific and technological knowledge
Addressing global and regional developments
Facilitating networking within and outside the sector
Building expertise and knowledge
To be the regional spokesman and representative for the poultry & feeds industries

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