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Caribbean Export and Investment Agency (Carib-Export)

Caribbean Export and Investment Agency (Carib-Export)

Year Established: 1996

Website: http://www.carib-export.com/

Areas of Work

Caribbean Export and Investment Agency (Carib-Export) works in the following areas:

CARICOM Institutions

Our Vision

To optimise the Caribbean Region’s export potential through facilitating innovation and the creation of world class brands capable of successfully competing globally.

Our Mission

To increase the competitiveness of the Caribbean countries by providing export development and investment promotion services through effective programme execution and strategic partnerships.

Caribbean Export is the only regional trade and investment promotion agency in the African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) group. We were established in 1996 by an  Inter-Governmental Agreement as the trade promotion Agency of the 15 Member States of CARIFORUM.

Then in July 2005 we assumed an investment promotion mandate after the 14th CARIFORUM Council of Ministers meeting. We have also established collaborative links with the French Caribbean Outermost Regions (FCORs), with the English and Dutch Overseas Countries and Territories (OCTs) and with Cuba.

Regional collaboration

At the regional level, we collaborate with agencies whose work, mandate and objectives complement ours. Our partners include:

• Caribbean Development Bank (CDB)

• CARICOM organisations

• Sub-regional agencies such as the OECS Export Development Unit (EDU)

• Inter-governmental agencies

• Regional public and private sector agencies

International collaboration

Our partners at the international level provide technical assistance and financial support. The European Union and other bi-lateral organisations provide funding for many of our project and programme initiatives.

Through the establishment of private sector led Steering Committees we ensure that relevant donor funded projects are matched to clients and are successfully implemented.

We also partner with multilateral and international bodies in areas of mutual interest, while seeking to develop programmes which will contribute to our own sustainability.

At Caribbean Export we’re committed to achieving results in four key areas:

Fostering an enabling environment

We foster an enabling environment for trade and investment within the region through regional integration, cooperation and advocacy initiatives. These are designed to position the region more effectively in the world economy.


Enhancing Competitiveness

We increase the competitiveness of firms in CARIFORUM countries in selected sectors through:

• investment

• management and product development

• market expansion

• export diversification


Promoting Investment

We promote the Caribbean region as a prime destination for intra and extra-regional investment.


Strengthening Institutional Capacity and Networking

We strengthen and enhance the capacity of public and private sector Business Support Organisation’s (BSOs) particularly:

• sector associations

• trade promotion organisations

• investment promotion agencies

We also support the development of vibrant Caribbean business networks to improve services to clients.

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