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Enabling Resilience: Coordinated Foreign and External Relations ; Research & Development and Innovation


Effective foreign policy coordination will be an important enabler of building resilience by favourably positioning CARICOM and the Member States in the global arena; facilitating collaboration, cooperation and strategic alliances with like-minded countries and groups; promoting and protecting the interest of CARICOM and other small states to mitigate vulnerability and leveraging resources for external sources for regional priorities.


A second, ‘cross cutting’ enabler for success is research and development (R & D) and innovation. These elements need to drive the development process going forward and in that regard, should be infused and mainstreamed into every aspect of the planning and implementation.


 Goal – Enabling Building Resilience


ž A coordinated approach to international relations that facilitates CARICOM being an active player in the international environment and advances the development of the Region.


ž To engender innovative, knowledge driven development within the Community, and unleash the creative talent of the people of the Community.



FOR 1 – Deepen foreign policy coordination to support the achieving of CARICOM’s strategic priorities and desired outcomes. This strategy will involve:

Securing recognition, acceptance and implementation of CARICOM positions, interests and initiatives;
Developing strategic alliances in the changing international environment;


Maintaining and strengthening relations with traditional partners;
Strengthening the collaboration and cooperation with third countries and groups;
Mobilising resources externally to address CARICOM's priorities;
Optimizing sharing of foreign missions.


RDI 1 – Mainstreaming Research and Development and Innovation in all aspects of development of the Region. This strategy will involve initiatives to :

Consistently adopt an evidenced-based approach in managing the affairs of the Community, building a research agenda in collaboration with regional universities;


Advocate for resources (state and private sector) to finance R & D in business development;


Facilitate an enabling legislative environment for R & D and Innovation e.g. protection of intellectual property, incentives for the private sector, incentives for innovation which capitalize on indigenous knowledge and resources;


Identifying and promoting opportunities for functional cooperation in R & D and Innovation;


Advocate for national school based programmes (primary, secondary and tertiary) that drive, enable and reward R & D and Innovation.

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